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Our puppies

All our puppies are endorsed with the Kennel Club "Progeny Not Eligible for Registration & Not to be exported". (This does not stop you having a pet passport) This is mainly to prevent the puppies from ending up with puppy farmers & indiscriminate breeders. Endorsements may be lifted at my discretion after the age of 20 months if a current clear, adult eye certificate is produced, and the dog has been shown and is a good specimen of the breed, and that we work together in finding the right health tested mate, However, puppies sold purely as pets will at no time have their endorsements lifted as I strongly believe that a pet should remain just that. I recommend neutering after the age of 14 months. It is a myth that a bitch should have a litter of puppies & it is a myth that a dog should be able to reproduce ~ what they never have they can never miss! It is also a myth that neutering makes your pet fat & lazy! It is all down to the owner’s management.We offer a Lifetime back up & supportIf you are interested in one of our puppies then please contact me in the first instance telling me about yourself, your home life, garden, your working arrangements (if any), ages of any children you may have now or plans for in the future & your understanding of the Boston terrier as a breed & what sort of life you can offer one of our puppies. I have a very strict criteria when it comes to finding homes for our puppies Please note, if you work full-time a Boston terrier is probably not the dog for you (they relish human companionship and attention) and therefore It is highly unlikely that we would sell you one of our puppies.All of our dogs are KC Registered & Eye Tested under the BVA/KC Health Schemes & are DNA tested for JHC.Our puppies are born & lovingly raised in our home where they get used to all of the familiar sights & sounds of everyday life with daily handling from birth & of course lots of love & cuddles. The puppies are socialised with our other dogs, adults and children along with regular outings in the car. All of our puppies are wormed to date, fully vaccinated & Micro-chipped, come with 4 weeks insurance (which I recommend you continue) & a very full & comprehensive Puppy Pack. Our puppies are raised on Natural instincts raw puppy food, which I strongly encourage new owners to continue with, 4kg of food will be supplied along with a comprehensive & easy to follow diet sheet & full support.If it is agreed that you can have one of our precious puppies please note, we do not allow visitors before the puppies are 4 weeks old (regular photos will be sent by email) & we try to pick your puppy for you i.e.; the reasons for this are; By this age I have watched the puppies grow & develop & have got to know their characters & the type of home that would be best suited for them; We usually hope to keep one of the puppies ourselves and may not make our own decision before 7 weeks. Puppies will not go to their new homes before 10 weeks,Previous puppy owners will confirm how well this has worked out.It is also expected that before collecting your new puppy, you will have visited at least once; you will have registered with a local vet. Also, I always appreciate hearing from owners about how the puppy is getting on. New owners may like to swap notes with owners of sibling puppies. If you would be interested in doing this, then please let me know and I will forward your details to the other new owners.Please remember that you are looking to own a very well reared & very much loved, living, breathing animal. If when I meet you I am not 110% certain in any way, then no matter how far you have travelled or how much money you offer, you will not go home with one of our puppies. Equally, I always recommend that prospective owners ensure that they are happy with their chosen breeder & puppy, so if ever in doubt then politely walk away. A puppy will grow up & be with you for a great many years so you need to be sure that you are completely happy with your puppy as well as the breeder.On saying this your puppy will come with:- Leave with a Contract and a life time Guarantee that we will take them back for what ever reason and at any age. They will also be fully vaccinated and micro chipped, and have Proplan puppy food, toys, blanket, bowl, ID tag, brush, lead & collar (everything except the bed I think), 4 weeks insurance, 5 Generation pedigree, Kennel club registration, a list of breed clubs and a book that I have designed full of help and advice from feeding to car travel and training your new puppy, plus 24/7 help & advice for life.Our puppies are extremely special to us & will ONLY go to approved homes.

Dogs Paradise

HistoryThe Boston terrier originates from the United States of America and was bred originally for ratting and companion. As its name implies it was developed in Boston and is often referred to as ‘The American Gentleman among dogs’.Its origins can be dated back to the 1800’s when Robert C Hooper purchased a dog known as Hooper’s Judge, who was Of Bull and Terrier type lineage. Judge’s specific lineage is unknown, however, Hooper’s Judge is either directly related to the original Bull and Terrier breeds of the 1700s and early 1800s, or Judge is the result of modern English bulldog’s being crossed into terriers created in the 1860s for show purposes, like the White English Terrier.The Boston terrier is one of a small amount of dog breeds that are born with a very short tail. The Boston terrier was first registered by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1893. The dog’s name is sometimes miss-spelt as terror.CharacteristicsThe Boston terrier has a friendly, very strong, lovable, laid-back, unforgettable personality. Boston’s can range in temperaments from those that are eager to please their master to those that are more stubborn. Both can be easily trained given a patient and assertive owner. The modern Boston terrier can be gentle, alert, expressive, and well-mannered. Some Boston’s enjoy having another one for companionship. Both females and males generally bark only when necessary. Having been bred as a companion dog, they enjoy being around people, and, if properly socialized, get along well with children, the elderly, other canines, and non-canine pets. Boston’s do not like being left for long periods of time, we say you can’t have a Boston and go out to work all day. Some Boston’s are very cuddly, while others are more independent.The Boston’s coat is normally a shade of brindle with white markings, Seal brindle with white markings; the coat is short and smooth. The dog should weigh no less then 10 pounds and no more then 25 pounds,(4.5-11.3kg) but a few weigh between 30 and 40 pounds, and most are considered healthy and not overweight due to their larger –then-average frame, and usually stand 15 – 17 inches (38.1-43cm).HealthHealth issues in the Boston terrier are Hereditary Cataracts both Juvenile and adult type, the Animal health trust have identified the gene that causes the juvenile one, and if both the Dam and Sire are tested clear, then all the litter are genetically clear. So all breeding stock should be tested prior to mating. As of all Small breeds they can have Patella problems.Many Boston’s cannot tolerate excessive heat and extremely cold weather, due to the shortened muzzle, so hot or cold weather combined with demanding exercise can bring harm to a Boston terrier. A sensitive digestive system is also typical of the Boston terrier in the absence of a proper diet; flatulence is associated with the breed.Whelping is often difficult as the pelvis is narrow and the large headed pups are often delivered by caesarean section. Boston’s can live up to 15 years or more, with an average of around 13 years.